Oct 04, 2017

International Investigation Firm: Legal Counsel

  • Financial Services
  • Hong Kong

Job Description

  • Compliance
    • Ensuring compliance with statuary and regulatory requirements.
    • Review of new legislation and how we should respond (e.g.China's Cyber Security Law review).
    • Compliance communications to all staff.
    • Ethics and Compliance Policy management.
    • Ad hoc compliance training.


  • Legal Agreements
    • NDAs.
    • Master Agreements.
    • Strategic Agreements.


  • Staff Contracts
    • Overseeing staff contracts including PRC law firm liaison.


  • Client work
    • Legal advice on research methodology (especially for investigations).
    • On-boarding of hedge funds (including establishing compliance processes for each client).
    • MNPI reviews.


  • Corporate
    • Preparing the agenda and other documents for all meetings of the board of directors.
    • Managing the companies Share Incentive Scheme.  
    • Liaising with auditors in relation to material required for the board.
    • Maintaining statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries. 
    • Maintaining the register of shareholders and monitoring changes in share ownership of the company.


  • Other
    • Reviewing real estate contracts for all offices.
    • Designing all contracts with third parties.



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